31. August 2018


Glaciers and alpine wilderness territories in the age of ecological paradigm shifts.

A photography and video project.



Transient Area, photography 2018, various dimensions, Ed. 7+1


In my interest in landscape perception as a political act I am focusing more and more on wilderness areas that are progresssively in a transient state. In my stalks on glaciers, their fringe areas and high alpine territories I am driven by the feeling that we are more or less no more able to experience nature and landscape without simultanously beeing aware of their egological problems, which means that picturing landscape is – like always – a historic process.

As soon as we enter alpine glacier zones, the fact of their melting and fading away through climate change is part of our perception.
I am questioning myself how these undeniable facts of contemporary ecologic desasters are influencing the panoramatic viewing regimes, which themselves are still influenced by the German romanticism on one hand and the media evoked affirmative image of an untouched consumable wilderness on the other hand.
My vision, my vistas on the modulations and fragments of these fringe areas are directed and supervised by a strong scepticism against these romantic, imperialistic and commercialized ideology, which is so dominant in the contemporary media representation of nature. Especially in the industry of alpine extreme sports and fun sports there is some kind of renunciation en vogue: the coordinate system of the consumed sportive activity should not at all be damaged by concerned or even critical reflexion…
I am still a lot affected by this kind of refusal against a critical attitude, at the same time I am led by some kind of mistrust against the attitude of a photography that is too much seduced by the duty of being didactical in hoping to have some effects on history. I am much more convinced, that a piece of art is a masterpiece in just representing some kind of shiver or melancholic strenght in using aesthetics, that are still representing the strong tradition of romantic perception, but leading thoughts and feelings in a scary abyss of distopian developements at the same time, thus representing nature and landscape within history and not as an autonomous and detached entity.


Restmodule, photography 2018, various dimensions, Ed. 7+1


Restmodule, photography 2018, various dimensions, Ed. 7+1


Transient Zone, photography 2018, various dimensions, Ed. 7+1






  • Punta 31. August 2018

    du hast das Schwarze mitten im Weißen getroffen: schön schiach 😉

    • goldgruberweb 6. September 2018

      Thanks Punta, etwas schaurig fühlt es sich an auf den Gletschern mittlerweile….

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