14. Dezember 2019


Fragment & Panorama. Solo show, photography & video.

Monument, photography, 2019

  Landesgalerie Niederösterreich, Krems. 16.05.2020 – 18.10.2020 (opening reception 15.05.2020, 19h) catalogue to be published by Bibliothek der Provinz (feat. lyrics by Bodo Hell, an essay by Günther Oberhollenzer, a statement by Kurt Kotrschal)    

Restmodule, dyptich, photographies, 2019

  In this project, a solo exhibition in the State Gallery of Lower Austria / Niederösterreich, I was asked to work out an exhibition focusing on the landcapes that might be representative for this county following the basic ideas in my work. With some kind of scepticism against idealizing and harmonizing medial representation of nature I am focusing on fragmentary moments, on random segments of these representative areas, of the big panorama. Those ‘wilderness’ areas, are political defined spaces, results of cultural conventions, entirely controlled by institutuins. Their borders and fringe areas showing up with architectural elements controling the elements, such as fixing structures along roadsides, fastenings on slopes, regulations of steambeds, monocultural planting of trees and so on.  

Fringe Appearance, photography, 2019

  The appearance of wolves in Lower Austria is another perfect example of the humane dilemma on how to deal with wilderness. How much wilderness is acceptable for our lifestyle, what amount of wilderness do we need for our cultural self-image, in which media evoked clichés of nature and leitmotifs of the romanticism of the 19th century are still playing an important role. On one hand wilderness and nativeness relics are very important for the cultural self-conception of an area, a County or Nation, on the other hand humans seem to be defiant against an idea of uncontroled nature or wilderness spaces with no restrictions…  

Appearance, photography, 2019.


Appearance, photography, 2019. Fineart pigmentprint, wooden frame, 65×85 cm.

Appearance, photography, 2019. Fineart pigmentprint, wooden frame, 65×85 cm.

  The mountain ranges of Rax, Schneeberg and Ötscher are first of all my exploration fields, where I have been stalking around to find images representing my ideas and basic considerations about landscape perception. But also monocultural wood plantings in the Wechsel area, the outbacks of the Wachau and Waldviertel. And concerning the phenomenon of the appearance of wolves I am really appreciative to the Wolf Science Center in Ernstbrunn and the WWF for their cooperation and their interest in my work.  

Slope, photography, 2019


Randzone, photographies, dyptich, 2020.

    The catalogue will be published by Bibliothek der Provinz, featuring: – lyrics by Bodo Hell, an artist and writer living and working in Vienna as well as in an alpine cabin in the Dachstein area. – an essay by Günther Oberhollenzer, curator of the State Gallery of Lower Austria. – a statement by Kurt Kotrschal, scientist and founder of the WSC (WolfScienceCenter) in Ernstbrunn, transcripted from a Video that i have captured with him in the WSC. – photographies and videostills.