“… accordingly, space does not simply mean ground or area.

Even as geographic space, space is not always given already,
but has to be produced by human activities.”

Markus Schroer, Räume, Orte, Grenzen. Auf dem Weg zu einer Soziologie des Raums, Suhrkamp: Frankfurt/Main 2006

Michael Goldgruber’s work reflects the significant, complex media coverage of landscapes and natural perception, through which the Romantic theme of the sublime dissolves within various screens of projection.
He questions levels of observation and pre-formulated perspectives of landscapes in the transfer to photographic image and installation. The panorama view and the natural spectacle are seen alongside the architecture of consumption and possession. The guided view is intensified in Goldgruber’s artistic work resulting in experimental spaces of predetermined seeing. While people in fact take to constructions and apparatuses to admire the view, what prevails in Goldgruber’s photos and videos is the abyss and concrete, the paranoid babbles of voices and an eerie vastness. A smack of artificiality is always mixed in with the enjoyment of apparently authentic perceptions of nature.