28. März 2017


October 2016. Capturing at Kamenjak / Istria / Croatia. Solo show NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN coming up soon in Galerija Makina, Pula, Croatia. Opening reception september 8th, 2017, 19h. April 2017. After some months staying here in Istria, I started to play more and more with the ideas of fragmented landscape. Stalking around on the hills and coastlines I realized, that I am always just mentally capturing some fragments of the great wide open, that is surrounding us. That happens to be an aspect which allows me more and more focusing on details, on the same time not forgetting the panoramatic viewing regimes full of romantic leitmotifs. Both strategies do not fight each other, much more, I have the feeling that one is enriched somehow by the other. In the last weeks, I had the chance to get closer contact to people living in an intense relationship to Istrian nature, like especially herdsmen. For me also them and their ways of monitoring landscape, their views and visions giving their faces a special expression… Erdin and his brother, herdsmen, Raša, Istria.   Branko, architect, landscape artist, Medulin, Istria.     And a sketch for my planned defragmented panorama wall installation (appr. 2x5m): Exhibition pics, Galerija Makina, Pula, croatia. September 2017:  


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